NGOs will have to give details of social media accounts to Govt
NGOs in India will have to provide the Home Ministry with details of their social media accounts.

The amendment to the Foreign Contribution Rules of 2011 states that the government will have to be told about the social media accounts being run by the NGOs.

Further the government would expect the NGOs to give out the exact reason for why it is getting funds. Each and every penny and the nature of the spending will be accounted and made known to the government of India. Moreover if funds are brought in for tribal welfare, it would need to be specified and used only for that purpose, the new rules state.

Make social media accounts known to government The new rules make it mandatory for the NGOs to specify the social media accounts that they run. If any of the NGOs have not made those details available to the government they would have to do so once the amended rules come into force.

Not providing details of a social media account despite having one would be treated as a violation. While many would argue that the details of the social media accounts are being sought by the government to keep tabs, home ministry officials say that is not correct.

The primary concern is that none of the NGOs work contrary to the interests of the nation. Social media platforms have become a medium of spreading propaganda and if any of the NGOs are indulging in this, then the government has every right to know.

The government wants to ensure transparency in their functioning, the official also informed. Spend the money for the reason it was brought in for The government has proposed to ensure that the money that is brought in by the NGO will be spent for the reason specified.

There would be a column in the new form in which the money being received will be specified. In addition to this the NGOs will also have to mention on what the money would be spent. If the NGOs mark that the money would be spent either for tribal welfare or child development then it shall be spent on just that.

It would constitute an offence if the money is spent on another purpose other than what has been specified in the form, the new rules state. Further the new rules also state that all funds being received shall be made known to the government in 48 hours.

The rules also would mandate the NGOs put up on their respective websites the flow of funds and the purpose it is intended to be used. The new rules also states that funds that are being brought in to carry out research shall also be specified. The nature of the research or a seminar for which the funds shall be used shall also be noted in the form. If a seminar is to be organized, the government shall be told about the venue, time and intention of the seminar.